Community Association Ocean City MD Caine Woods


By the time you read this, we hope the winter will be behind us and we will be able to look forward to spring and sum-mer fun!

Your board has been actively involved in the review process for the recent expansion plans of the arcade/laser tag/mini-golf facility between 144th and 146th Streets and Coastal Highway. We have spoken our piece to the Planning and Zoning Commission on the issues that concern our neighborhood — noise, trash, lights and an influx of people. As of this writing, the project was approved and will be completed in phases. We will continue to monitor this situation.

We encourage all able-bodied neighbors to come out for our annual spring clean-up at Fiesta Park on Saturday, April 7, at 10 a.m. We make great use of this facility for all our events, and it is a treasure to have in the neighborhood for family use!

Don’t forget the town’s annual bulk pickup weekend April 7-8. It is a great opportunity to clean out the attic and the garage!

Our season kickoff picnic will be Saturday, June 23. With our summer picnics and some significant local elections in November — e.g., City Council, Sheriff, Senator, Delegates, etc. — we will try to get candidates to our picnics so you can meet and greet and size up the people who may be representing you at various government levels.

At our Feb. 28 board meeting, we selected St. Peter’s Open Kettle as the recipient of proceeds from our upcoming raffles and events. Last year we donated $4,400 to St. Vincent DePaul Society to support their local efforts with those less fortunate in our community. Bob Higgins of Higgins North Crab House has graciously agreed to host again our 10th annual charity crab fest on Saturday, Sept. 22.

Finally, we look forward to spring and the return of our snowbird neighbors. Don’t forget to note all the upcoming events listed in our newsletter. If you have a concern about our community, please come to our meetings or call a board member.

Hope to see you all soon!
PS: Don’t forget to come out for the April clean-up at Fiesta Park.